Gigi el Amoroso      
Dj / producer  since  1996


-This Gigi Amoroso 2016 celebrates its 20th anniversary as a DJ, producer and professional.And to celebrate it conduct various events and actions during this year.Be attentive...

  -The New EP (mini album) "Tropical disaster" through the Dutch label recordings Poolside   already    exclusica sale on Beatport.

 -Second Single from the project "Gigi and friends".In this song  guest saxophonist Victor Vallcanera       collaborates with Gigi composing a Tech house song.

  -The DJ and producer from Barcelona has a new  project titled Gigi and friends.Conceived as an           exchange of concepts and musical styles,Gigi anger inviting different instrumentalists and singers        to his recording studio.Creating each with a theme that will be recorded and published.One idea          where stylistic freedom and passion for music will be given hand.The first guest the multifaceted        Brazilian guitarist Wender kramer and Gigi already haveprepared the first single from the                    series.Now on sale here.

  -Here You have the new remix of Gigi for artist Frank Martin.Edited by the Dutch label Poolside            recordings.

   Available now.


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